1The company LUMIDOMI

The mission of Lumidomi is to design and market innovative decorative objects.

Making multi-services decorative object trough the autonomous (wireless) cold light (LED new technologies). Standing vases and hanging vases are developed.

Meanwhile decorative suspensions with autonomous light are also worked for new years celebrations. Then in a development phase, elements of the decorative tableware will complement our offer.

Our first line of lighting vases - VLAMS was awarded the 3rd at the grand prizes of Art of Living 2003 and 2005, during the show Maison & Object of Paris.

The targeted area is the decoration for indoor/outdoor and the gift object.

Our products are aimed at both individuals, where we focus our communication to the urban women 25-35 years old, and the non-retailer professional such as cafes hotels and restaurants, as well as specialists from the event.

Two brands were studied and patented to develop two design identities.

Lumidomi ® - the decorative object multi services through wireless light [middle-top of the range].
Under the brand Lumidomi, marketed products are the most advanced, representing the creation in its purest form.

Desilight ® - the festive light object through wireless light.
With Desilight, innovation is available to everyone through lower prices. The marketed products under Desilight are designed to meet the "purchase pleasure" where the mass distribution will be privileged.

An international manufacture made for standards collections and specific collections are handled on a case-by-case basis with a internally management.

They have already placed their trust :

They have already spoken :

Professionnal press :

• Table & Cadeau - october 2005 - présentation des lauréats.
• Table & Cadeau - may 2005 - décoration.
• Table & Cadeau - may 2004 - salon Hortiflor.
• Informations Fleuristes - may 2004 - salon Hortiflor.
• LSA - november 2004 - "Des boules de Noël lumineuses sans fil".
• Table & Cadeau -september 2003 - présentation des lauréats.

Specialist press :

• Version femina - december 2006 - "Les frères Lumière".
• Art&Décoration - april 2006 - "Une drôle de lampe sans fil".
• Le Monde2 - december 2004 - "Boule de Noël nomade".
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• Défis - december 2003 - "Un vrai diffuseur de lumière".
• L'entreprise - december 2003 - "Décoration".

Regional press :

• La gazette - december 2006 - "un brevet mondial pour Lumidomi".
• La voix du Nord - november 2006 - guide entreprise 2007.
• La voix du Nord - august 2006 - page économique.
• Norcomex - july 2006 - "les champions insolites de l'export".
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• Magazine Face - february 2004 - "Et la lumière fut".
• La Tribune - february 2004 - "Une idée lumineuse".
• La Voix du Nord - 30 january 2004 - "Un succès vitesse grand V".

Television :

• M6 - december 2006 - Emission D&CO.
• TF1 - 2006 - Emission Les coulisses de l'économie.
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• Télé Melody - december 2005.
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• M6 boutique - 27 april 2004 - Emission Solution Maison.
• France 3 Nord - 31 january 2004 - Emission initiative hebdo.

Radio :

• Roc FM - Opération Noël - december 2005.
• RTL2 - Concours opération fête des mères - may 2005.
• France Bleu Nord - Chronique "Des gens ordinaires" - 28 april 2005.
• Europe1 - Chronique Jérôme Bonaldi - december 2004.

Awarded the 3rd at the grand prizes of Art of Living 2003 and 2005, during the show Maison & Object of Paris.

Selection and publishing of the desilight products in the inventions world book 2008, chaired by Anne-Valerie Giscard D'Estaing.

logo Lumidomi Go


Light is a most important thing in a place. Natural or artificial, from inside or outside, light is a solution to all your expectancies.

While the furniture arranging contributes to create your environment, the large diversity of lamps contributes to confer a special atmosphere on your place.

In order to change decoration all the time, it was necessary to imagine light in every situation.

Brand created in 2003
Lille France

Stéphane Domzalski
Business & communication
Tél: +33 6 80 18 04 21

Laurent Pollefoort
Design & Marketing
Tél: +33 6 19 64 63 76



2Product Design

Product Design

Collection of wireless light vases - Lumidomi brand

Innovative table lamp multi services. During the day, VLAMS is a vase or an aquarium which accommodates any flower arranging. During the night, it turns into a subdued lamp to brighten your evenings up and helps you to create an intimate atmosphere.

Wireless light suspensions collection - Desilight brand

Wether it's for indoor or outdoor use, these lights have the ideal design to brighten any festive display : on a Christmas tree, around a window, a table, etc ...
Multi-purpose design for indoor/outdoor use.
Portable : Their wireless function makes your decorative whims easy to accomplish.

3Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Packaging declination

Adaptation of our packaging to distribution networks, determined for each universe / brand.

Staging - Recipe

Face (1)
- attractive concept name.
- window to see the product.
- visual from the product in situation.
- a catchy verbal mention.
- information's pictogram on the use.

Back (2)
- instructions for use.
- staging.
- other products from the collection.
- information on the end of life product and on the packaging recycling.
- cautionary note.

Side (3) - brand communication.

4Interior Design

Interior Design

Exhibition wall of collections via removable black cubes, restoring the light effect.

Places : Trade fair.

Store display store for special operations in supermarkets.
Illustrated display with demonstration model for Christmas market booth.

5Advanced Design

Advanced Design

Area: domestic light

Manage upstream innovation through an analytical approach :

1. Information
2. Brainstorming
3. Scenario
(a strong new concept is above all a relevant scenario that defines a new user experience)
4. Concept
(think up product or service solutions in accordance with the scenario)
5. Formalisation
6. Selection
7. Dévelopment

Generating new business opportunities facing emerging markets.
Replace future developments in uses and not only in the product.

6Trends Design

Trends Design

Creating and editing a collector model in a limited and numbered series, at fashion show organised by Talons Aiguilles - Edhec, in partnership with major fashion brands.

Corporate Identity I Brand Project
Upstream thinking on the brands platform (Lumidomi, Desilight)

• A better understanding of the positions of our future competitors.
> Lumidomi competition's observatory ...
> Lumidomi positioning compared ...

• Defining iconographic determinants for the Lumidomi brand and its new product ranges.
> Define brand values ...
> Define positions, value systems and communication territories on the market ...
> Capitalize (iconographic translation of the brand values) ...

7Graphic Design

Graphic Design


letterhead and following letter
business card
correspondence card

Ground Marketing

Digital Marketing
power point


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